Marcia-1Marcia Holt – Alaskan Artist

Marcia Holt designs and hand-sculpts all of Taiga Totems’ creative Alaskan sculptures in her studio in North Pole, Alaska.

Marcia was hired via telephone to teach in Alaska in 1976.

“My move north was the best thing that ever happened to me.  I have always had a deep desire to see wild places and animals and plants in their natural habitat – Preferably while canoeing a back country lake and trolling for trout big enough to fillet.”

A self taught artist, sculpting came naturally. Her background in Zoology, anatomy and natural history was a perfect fit.  “I was also blessed to belong to a highly artistic family.”  Leaning toward perfectionism and having lots of patience, Marcia will often re-sculpt pieces several times.

“I now know why I don’t often see hand-sculpted items in shops.  They are incredibly time consuming to produce.”

Marcia Holt - Alaskan Artist

Marcia Holt – Alaskan Artist