Each exquisitely detailed Arctic Nativity set is unique. The scenes feature handmade Native Alaskan figures sculpted from polymer clay and adorned with natural materials. Wild fur and skin scraps are provided from pieces left over from creators of traditional hats, mittens and garments. We believe in honoring the animals by not wasting any parts.  Each sculpture is hand made by artist Marcia Holt in her studio in North Pole, Alaska. She strives to give each figure a soul through their eyes and expressions.

The basic scene consists of:

  • five adult figures (two parents and three wise people). Please note that one wise person is a woman carrying a practical gift.
  • one baby in cradle
  • a base made of birch and other natural materials.


Adult Nativity figures have cone shaped bodies with detailed, hand-sculpted faces. They are dressed in leather and furs. Two sizes are available:

  • Medium Nativity –¬†with 5 inch figures
  • Large Nativity – with 8 inch figures


Additional pieces can be added to the basic set:


Please note that all art figures have slight variations with hand-sculpted faces. No two will be exactly the same.